Helping others learn

Inside the classroom

As a visual arts teacher for the last 7 years, I have been committed not just to teaching students about the arts, but to fostering a positive, rigorous learning environment in which creativity, expression, and the exploration of advanced media are encouraged. Here are some highlights from my teaching career so far.

  • Designed new High School Art Curriculum with the following benefits:

    • Differentiated instruction based on a personalized “Art Path” for each student

    • 3 separate levels to allow students to take the art elective multiple years in a row

    • Emphasis on critical thinking and creative problem solving

    • Original digital content for several lessons and tutorials

  • First year teaching was given the "Soar Award" (School wide recognition for outstanding service)  

  • Second year teaching was given “Teacher of the Year” Award

  • Third year teaching was promoted to administrative staff as Director of Media & Communications while continuing to teach Middle & High School art
  • 4 consecutive years have had art students place in AACS national art Competition

outside the classroom

After teaching for a short time, I quickly realized our education system needs innovation. From Salmon Kahn's book "The One World SchoolHouse" to Sir Ken Robinson's talk "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" traditional schools should be educating students beyond rote learning and memorization.

There is no easy solution, but I am confident a combination of human centered design and technology can go a long way towards improving this problem. Working with Pathwright (a platform for creating online courses) for a short time provided experience developing dynamic coursework.

Since 2015 I have served as Director of Media & Communications for Wilmington Christian Academy. I have worked with the administration to increase student, parent, and teacher engagement by equipping our school with updated communication workflows, technology and branding.  I've developed my passion for education beyond the classroom through the following: 

  • Recorded & edited video content for Pathwright

  • Wrote & edited course content for Pathwright

  • Transitioned school to new information system

  • Implemented  school wide GSuite for better collaboration

  • Helped teachers integrate Google Classroom (LMS) and other G-Suite tools into their teaching


"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn"

- John Cotton Dana