Creative Director,  Product Developer, Designer

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Design isn't just the way something looks but rather the way something is experienced. Reflecting on the purpose, observing the whole,  and balancing form and function are important aspects of creating quality design. I have applied these concepts in designing a variety of assets including: Brands, logos, websites, posters, albums, motion graphics, marketing pieces, brand installations, signage and user interfaces.

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Video is a powerful medium for creative story telling. Producing beautiful experiences requires having a comprehensive understanding of several technical processes. I have had experience working with high end cameras, lighting and set design, motion graphics, video editing, audio recording, and UAS (drone) filming. These are simply tools for communicating story with impact.


Innovating with Tech

Generating creative technical solutions using a combination of data informed, human centered, and aesthetic design has become a passion of mine over the last few years. Below are just a few ways that I have used technology to innovate in the various fields. My longtime interest and quick intuition for technical processes have allowed me to design, implement & support several company-wide systems affecting everything from financial administration to project management. Doing so has given me the opportunity to work with and advise administrative and executive teams .


Creative Storytelling

As a creative professional, I continually strive to produce excellent work in a broad variety of disciplines. Approaching each project with a wholistic design philosophy allows me to generate comprehensive creative solutions.

Over the last 7 years, we have captured the weddings of over 65 couples. Our personal approach and artistic emphasis create a timeless expression of each wedding day we photograph.

Great photography can communicate your  brand in ways few other media can. Representing your companies perspective and purpose through powerful imagery will give you valuable assets for years to come.